Girding the Tenderloins

Starring Alphonse LeChaise

When members of the community start disappearing, Alphonse eagerly gets involved, looking forward to eating the culprit. But even the hungriest ghoul can’t eat a ghost. Now Alphonse has to face an enemy he can’t hit or kill, and he won’t even get a decent meal out of it. Being a decent guy really bites sometimes.

Alphonse’s aspect: That’s how we do it on ’39th.

Guest Star Nicholas Madison

A phone call later and Nick Madison is on the scene with his unique ability to talk with ghosts. Trouble is that this ghost isn’t looking to do any talking any time soon. And it’s pretty violent about that desire not to talk …

Nicholas’ Aspect: I Hate Ghosts

Guest Star (Ian?)

Girding the Tenderloins

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