A Cold Chill

Starring: Nicholas Madison

When an enemy from Nick’s past shows up with a bone to pick, the good-hearted thief will do his best to make sure everything ends … in a copacetic manner. But will Nick keep his cool when his enemy kidnaps the one person he holds dear?

Nicholas’ Aspect: My Sal, She’s a Good Gal

Guest Star: Zoraida Khatcherian
Some people are called monsters because they happen to be the walking dead, or happen to be able to turn into something with way too many eyes and tentacles. But when an aging mobster thinks he’s finally found a way to cheat the grim reaper, it time for the monsters to ride to the rescue. And it’s time for the meet to go down, sometimes packing a librarian in your pocket is even better than packing iron.

Zoraida’s Aspect: Not so meek after all

Guest Star:

A Cold Chill

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