The Desert Just Outside of Town

Theme: The desert is a big place.

Aspect: No One For Miles Around

The Sonora Desert around Tucson is mostly empty, save wildlife and plants. Almost no hiker, jogger, or walker goes into the desert unarmed, because most of the wildlife that you will meet is wary at best, hostile at worst. A large part of the desert is made up of parkland or grazing space, with a large portion being Saguaro National Park. Despite the name desert, plants cover the rocky ground everywhere, with large cacti standing taller than houses. Mt. Lemon dominates the peaks, and is frequented by locals and tourists alike for various special events. However, animal attacks are frequent, and no one second guesses an obvious mountain lion attack, no matter what the bite pattern…

Face: Max Freeman is the local Warden who has been moved to an old wizard tower hideout in the middle of nowhere by the Council after an unfortunate incident with the Reds and several million dollars in wrecked residential property. He is a transplanted Midwestern like most everyone else out in Arizona. Since he’s moved in, UFO sightings in the desert have increased tenfold, and seismographs have been malfunctioning across the valley-however, he blames his shiny new apprentice Ian Sidney Roberts for those. He’s fairly easygoing, a little sarcastic, incredible driven and more than his share of eccentric. He stays away from the supernatural community at large, mostly due to his current unwanted warden duties. However, he is occasionally accessible to those that know him. Hobbies include: getting blitzed on Cuervo and trying to drive golf balls into orbit and moving Ley lines.

The Desert Just Outside of Town

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