Zoraida Khatcherian

Shapeshifting Librarian


  -1 Beast Change

  -2 Inhuman toughness
  -2 Inhuman recovery
    +3 The catch (incomplete stories, burned books, etc; requires research)

  +1 Human Form, covering:
    -5 Modular Abilities (3 points)

Total Cost -6

Human Form:
 Great(+4): Academics
 Good(+3): Lore, Presence, Rapport
 Average(+2): Alertness, Athletics, Empathy, Investigation
 Fair(+1): Discipline, Endurance, Fists, Stealth

Beast Forms:
 Great(+4): Athletics, Fists
 Good(+3): Alertness, Stealth
 Average(+2): Academics, Investigation, Lore
 Fair(+1): Discipline, Empathy, Endurance, Presence, Rapport

 Physical OOO|OO
  Armor 1 (see Catch)
 Mental OO
 Social OOOO or OOO

Sample Beast Forms:

Large Cat like thing
  (-1) Claws
  (-2) Inhuman Speed

Man Sized Scorpion
  (-3) Veomous Claws

Bat like thing
  (-1) Wings
  (-1) Diminutive Size
  (-1) Cloak of Shadows


High Concept: Shapeshifting Librarian
Sample invokes: Academics, turning into other stuff, staying alive

Trouble: Just one more story, I can stop any time I want to

Where did you come from?

Having lost her parents in the Lebanese civil war, she ended up with her great grandfather, who fled the Armenian genocide for America. He was enough of a practitioner to have a considerably extended life, and could remember things like the Ottoman empire and Richard Francis Burton. Since modern electronics wouldn’t work in the house, the only entertainment was either books, usually, great-gandpa’s stories about the old country.

Aspect: Hear me, O King
(Reference to One Thousand and One Nights).
Sample invocations are to know mythology related things for academics and lore, or for diplomatic interactions with things that might appear in such stories.
Sample compels probably have to do with hexing, some lack of experience with technology, or lack of pop culture background.

Rising Conflict:

As Zoraida began her post-graduate work at the University of Arizona, she became known as the person to go to when you had that sort of problem. And a new crop of undergraduates every year usually meant a new crop of problems. And though she would have preferred that he tenure be secured by her excellent academic qualifications rather than her dealing with that thing the the dean doesn’t want to talk about, well. a girl can’t get everything she wants.

So part of the unofficial admissions process is making sure that all those sorts of incoming freshmen get directed to Zoraida, who has to make sure that thier craving for knowledge doesn’t spill over into a craving for brains; or whatever this years interesting new problem is going to be.

Aspect: I always get the weird ones

1st Adventure: Manson Park
Aspect: A Nose for Trouble

Guest Star: Wrong Place, Wrong Time (Marcus Trufount’s Story)
Aspect: Fairy goth-mother

Guest Star: A Cold Chill (Nicholas Madison’s Story)
Aspect: Not so meek after all

Zoraida Khatcherian

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