Aeromancer on the Verge of Awakening


Sophia Adler
Template: Focused Practitioner
Description: A 5’6", 120 lbs brunette, Sophia is a petite, well-shaped college student. She is friends with most everyone, and her happy, out-going attitude complements her. She’s known Ian since they were small, and they often explored the Rockies together over the summer. She is working on a Bachelor’s in Geology in Tuscon.
High Concept: (Magical) Pretty Mountain Girl
Trouble: Daddy Issues
Other Aspects: (Background) Ian, My Childhood Friend; (Rising Conflict) Nature Lover; Sweet and Sassy; College is Crazy; Kitty Got Claws

+4 Rapport, Empathy
+3 Discipline, Athletics
+2 Conviction, Scholarship
+1 Fists, Alertness

Refresh (Feet in the Water):
-1 Geologist Stunt (+1 to Science, +2 to Geology)
-1 Smile and Accept (Use Empathy for Social Stress Track)
-2 Channeling (Air)
-1 Soulgaze (buy the Sight later)

Two Free Foci


A young woman with untapped power waiting to be awakened by one thing or another. Likely another.
Her Powers are currently unknown. Latent, you might say. She will get them when it is plot appropriate Smiley No Lore = No Rotes, and her foci slots are unused. No magic yet, nothing to attach to to use with magic.


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