Nicholas Madison

Zombie who's eager to make his second chance in life more of one that counts.



High: Zombie Do-Gooder
Trouble: I Keep Falling Apart
Phase 1: Sneak Thief Extroaordinaire
Phase 2: Goofy Looking Skull Amulet
Phase 3: My Marta, She’s a Good Gal
Phase 4: I Hate Ghosts
Phase 5: [To Be Determined]

Powers [-3]

Living Dead [-1]
Supernatural Toughness [-4]
- The Catch: Fire [+3]

Goofy Looking Skull Amulet [+1] granting:
- Human Guise [-0] – Human Guise deactivates at will and whenever Mana Static is used.
- Mana Static [-1]
- Ghost Speaker [-1]

Stunts [-1]

Burglar’s Eye – Accustomed to looking at any particular place as a thief would, Nick uses Burglary for the Examination trapping of Investigation.

Final Refresh: 3


Great [+4]: Burglary
Good [+3]: Stealth, Alertness, Conviction
Fair [+2]: Weapons, Guns, Athletics, Contacts
Average [+1]: Endurance, Discipline, Craftsmanship, Intimidation


Mental: OOO
Social: OO
Physical: OOO|OOOO
- Armor:2 and last four boxes for anything but Fire

Noteworthy Equipment

Crowbar – Weapon:2
.38 Chief’s Special – Weapon:2
Midnight Blue ’69 Chevy Impala – Awesome:>9000!
- A few dozen disposable cell phones in the trunk because the damn things keep fizzing out.


Where Did You Come From?

If you ask me, my life started when I was about twelve. See, that was the first time I lifted anything for anyone. And God Damn if it doesn’t sound like just about the most horrible cliche you ever did here. I stole a pack a gum.

Of course, things have a way of taking their own direction, even if you aren’t thinking about it a terrible lot. Hell, maybe it’s easier if you aren’t paying a terrible lot of attention. One way or another, I ended up being one of the primo sneak thieves in Tucson – and that’s not saying nothin’.

Aspect: Sneak Thief Extraordinaire

What Shaped You?

One time, I got a call from my good friend, Jon Arnsworth, and he said a fella was looking for a job to be done and it was something that my … skills … could attend to. The price was right and the location looked to be easy to knock over, so I took the job. Hell, if that didn’t turn out to be a bad decision.

I found the bauble the man wanted easy enough. Goofy looking thing with a skull on it, but it didn’t stick going down my throat like I thought it would. I lit out of there as soon as I could, ready to pick up the fat stack of Benjamins the John had for me. And bam! Car crash.

When I woke up, I was on the inside of a coffin and it was a week later. I scratched my way to the surface and, well, things got a mite interesting after that. Turns out that both the John and the mark were none too happy about the trinket going missing and one of them had sent some boys to check out my dead body. I lost an arm beating them off.

Which just goes to show that a man can do a hell of a lot of beating with an arm. And some people don’t get rattled when a man digs himself out of his own grave and doesn’t take a beating lying down. Damn suspicious people, if you ask me.

My gal Marta, she’s a witch, among other things. I showed up, with my arm in my hand and told her the whole sad story. She wasn’t sure exactly what to think, but she stitched me up proper and sent me on my way. I dealt with things and got the thugs off my back, but things weren’t copacetic. And they’d never be again.

Aspect: Goofy Looking Skull Amulet

The Story: A Cold Chill

When an enemy from Nick’s past shows up with a bone to pick, the good-hearted thief will do his best to make sure everything ends … in a copacetic manner. But will Nick keep his cool when his enemy kidnaps the one person he holds dear?

Aspect: My Marta, She’s a Good Gal

Guest Star: Girding the Tenderloins

When members of the community start disappearing, Alphonse eagerly gets involved, looking forward to eating the culprit. But even the hungriest ghoul can’t eat a ghost. Now Alphonse has to face an enemy he can’t hit or kill, and he won’t even get a decent meal out of it. Being a decent guy really bites sometimes.

A phone call later and Nick Madison is on the scene with his unique ability to talk with ghosts. Trouble is that this ghost isn’t looking to do any talking any time soon. And it’s pretty violent about that desire not to talk …

Aspect: I Hate Ghosts

Guest Star Redux: ????

Random Aspect: [To Be Determined]

Nicholas Madison

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