Marta Kovacs

Maven of the Black Rose Cafe


Focused Practitioner Template

Powers [-2]

Ritual (Crafting) [-2]

Stunts [-3]

Word on the Wyrd is … – Due to Marta’s considerable knowledge of and trust in the supernatural community, any contact rolls made under the Getting the Tip Off trapping that have to do with said community are at a +2.

A Little Faerie told me … – By the same token, any time that Marta attempts to use the Rumors trapping of the Contacts skill in the supernatural community, she gains a +2 on that attempt as well.

Sunny Spot of the Community – Due to her friendly nature and overwhelmingly good reputation in the community, Marta recieves a +2 on her Rapport for the First Impression trapping from anyone who may have heard of her or her business at the Black Rose Cafe.

Noteworthy Skills

Great (+4): Contacts
Good (+3): Lore, Rapport
Fair (+2): Conviction, Presence


Marta Kovacs is the maven of the Black Rose Cafe and runs a small coven out of it on Saturday nights. Although not a practitioner of any sizeable power, her knowledge of the supernatural community and her almost universal good reputation lead to many almost going out of their way to help her. That’s not to say she doesn’t do her own fair share of favors either and generally, if you’ve been around long enough, Marta’s helped you out of some size of jam, either big or small.

Speaking of small, Marta is a sprite-ish blond girl of Hungarian descent with a penchant for high-lighting her hair in different colors – about her only concession to changing her looks at all. She seems to have an abnormal amount of energy and vivacity for anyone, let alone someone who works from morning until night a lot of the time.

Although she knows she’s magically gifted, she’s done little to work with it, content with the small potions and little charms she’s able to make. Who knows, maybe with someone to offer her more training, she might shape up into someone of power as well as likeability in the community.

Marta Kovacs

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