Marcus Trufount


Superb (5)
Great (
4) Deceit, Rapport
Good (3) Empathy, Presence
Fair (
2) Athletics, Guns, Scholarship
Average (+1) Alertness, Discipline, Endurance, Investigation, Lore

Honest Lies: Whenever incorporating a real, valuable piece of the truth (however marginally valuable it may be) into a lie, you gain a +2 on your efforts to pass off the untrue parts.
Scene of the Crime: You have a practiced eye when combing over a crime scene. In such a circumstance, you gain +1 to your Investigation roll and arrive at your findings one step faster than usual on the time table (page 315).
Best Foot Forward: People just like you, especially when you’re deliberately trying to make a good first impression (page 138). You gain a +1 on your roll to make a good first impression, and failing that roll cannot give you a negative temporary aspect or make the situation worse.

Psychometry (-1)

Total Refresh Adjustment: -4

Stress Tracks
Physical: OOO
Mental: OOO
Social: OOOO


Character: Marcus Trufount Player: LankyOgre
Template: Minor Talent
High Concept Aspect: Cop With Visions
Trouble Aspect: Not My Own Life
Aspects: I Know Where I Came From, Just Another Face In the Crowd, Waist Deep Because I Dove in Head First

Marcus is just under 6’ tall and weighs a little over 160 lbs. He’s blandly nondescript and cultivates an air of “glance over me.” When he wants to he can capture attention, but usually he does it in a very forgettable manner, or knows how to stay out of attention. His uniform is just pressed enough as to not be disciplined, without being too well done.

Cop With Visions – Marcus is a member of the Tucson, AZ police department. He also sees things nobody else can. (High Concept)
Not My Own Life – Marcus has told so many stories that sometimes he forgets which ones. Marcus knows that his life isn’t that interesting, so he tries to make up one for himself. His stories always contain enough truth that he can defend them, but never so much as to reveal anything about himself. He never lets people know the real “me.” Unfortunately, sometimes people expect more than Marcus can actually do. Though he has picked up a trick or two. (Trouble)

White trailer trash and grew up without many options in a trailer park outside Tucson, AZ. Went to school when he had to, but didn’t try too hard not to. When he turned 18 he enlisted in the Air Force. After a four year “tour” in finance he was honorably discharged, though along the way he became enamored with Security Forces and Special Ops stories. He returned home and started pretending those stories were his.
Aspect: I Know Where I Came From – Though he tells a lot of tales, Marcus hasn’t forgotten where he grew up, and he isn’t too keen on returning there.

Rising Conflict
Soon after returning to Tucson, Marcus was accepted into the police academy in an attempt to “live” some of the stories he told. As a cop he made sure to be decidedly average, never too good or too bad. Unfortunately, he showed up at a murder scene as the second responder and accidentally touched a table. He saw the victim getting smashed into the table by someone else in the room, and quickly arrested that person. It was the cop that was first on the scene. Marcus’ stammered explanation was enough to raise a little suspicious, and the “cop” was discovered to be a serial killer that had been hiding by responding with the police.
Aspect: Just Another Face in the Crowd – Despite his brief celebrity status, Marcus is skilled at being unnoticed.

The Story: Wrong Place, Wrong Time
He quickly realized that something strange was going on and started trying to find out about the occult and paranormal things, mostly New Age stuff without many answers. When powerless goth kids start practicing serious rituals, Marcus tries to find out where they are coming from. But will Marcus succeed when nobody knows who he is and against a Malvora in the shadows.
Aspect: Waist Deep Because I Dove in Head First – Marcus doesn’t know much about the supernatural, but he got himself involved, and deep.

Whose Path Have You Crossed


Whose Path Have You Crossed


Marcus Trufount

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