Homunculi are miniature humans created through alchemy. They cannot survive exposure to air and so are usually kept inside glass jars or flasks. Their role is similar to that of Bob in the novels: to advise their creator on matters of magic. There are rumors of larger homunculus that can live outside of jars, but these are unproven.

High Concept: Little Man in a Jar
Other Aspects: Can’t Survive Outside The Jar, Loremaster’s Assistant, Not Always Honest, Just let me watch my stories, dammit!

Great (4): Lore
Good (
3): Scholarship, Deceit
Fair (2): Empathy, Alertness, Discipline
Average (
1): Presence, Conviction, Rapport, Investigation

Living Library (Lore): A homunculus is treated as an Arcane Library with a rating equal to its Lore skill.
Magical Ad visor (Lore): A homunculus can use its Lore skill to complement the Lore skill of another character.
Occultist (Lore): A homunculus gets +1 to Lore for a given field of the Lore skill and a further +1 for a specialty within that field.

Diminutive Size [-1]
Precognition [-1], which is like Cassandra’s tears without the penalty to convincing people that your visions are true.

Physical OO
Mental OOO
Social OOO

Total Refresh Cost: -5


Created by the builder of the Tower, a Spanish Tzaddikim who left for the New World after King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel expelled all Jews and Muslims from Spain, Lexicon is an artificial humanoid creature that functions as a living lore library. He is cranky and generally disrespectful of everybody, and spends most of his time sitting under the tiny Bonsai tree in his jar watching the old Radiation King television set that manages to work in the Tower. He is partial to soap operas, and bemoans the inability of the tenants of the Tower to get cable, and the Soap network.


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