A wise and semi-prophetic, but also apparently mad, water spirit


High Concept: Oracular Water-Spirit
Other Aspects: Down in the Storm Drains, Unpredictable Lunacy, Inscrutable is my schtick!


-1: Aquatic
-1: Lunatic Prescience (modified Cassandra’s Tears)
-3: Supernatural Sense: Broad Senses, including empathy, an intuitive knowledge of certain things, and several others.
-1: Psychometry
-1: The Sight
+5: The Catch: Heat and fire, applying to:
-2: Inhuman Toughness
-4: Supernatural Recovery

Other possibilities include Modular Powers and/or True Shapeshifting, to represent Leviathan’s protean shape-changing (when he chooses to – most of the time he exists only as a flow of vaguely luminescent water at the bottom of the storm drains, with a pair of eyes and a mouth faintly visible among the ripples) and possibly Channeling for water.


Much as Bob is a creature of air, intellect, and knowledge, Leviathan is a creature of water, intuition, and wisdom. His prophetic abilities are more reliable than Cassandra’s Tears, but he has a very difficult time expressing what he senses through them, especially when his Lunatic madness is at its worst.


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