Jose Carranza

El Hefe of the Drexel Heights Boosters


Jose Carranza is a rough looking man of Hispanic background who’s just about as likely to steal from you as look at you. Or get one of his boys to steal from you. He doesn’t much care which way it goes as long as your stolen property ends up in the altogether-too-deep pockets of him and his gang. A charismatic, but rough man, Hefe Carranza is not someone you should cross.

Drexel Heights Boosters

Although they’re one of the newer boost gangs on the street, specializing in the theft of automobiles, they’re making quite the impact in Drexel Heights and in Tucson at large, as well as scaring off the other never-do-wells in the area. In some parts of the neighborhood, they’re almost idolized as heroes for the work they do and, hey, they’re all attending members of San Xavier del Bac Mission, or Hefe Carranza would see their way out of the gang.

Jose Carranza

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