Jon Arnsworth

Owner of the premier pawn shop to the 'other' world of Tucson


Pure Mortal Template

Noteworthy Skills

Great [+4]: Resources
Good [+3]: Lore
Fair [+2]: Contacts, Craftmanship


Best Magical Deals Around – Jon may use Lore instead of Deceit for the Falsehood & Misdirection trapping when creatively representing the value of goods of an otherworldly nature.

Magical Criminal Mental Rolodex – Jon gains a +2 when using the Knowing People trapping of Contacts, specifically when dealing with people of the magical community that are flexible about the morality of any situation.


Jon Arnsworth is a balding man with horn-rimmed glasses and a penchant for sweater-vests. Thin ones over thin t-shirts, that is, because this is, after all, Arizona. He knows the price of everything magical and eldricth, as well as mmany people of a magical bent throughout the community. He attends the Cauldronlucks of the TAWN on a regular basis, although more to keep his name and face in the community than to build the acceptance of magic in the wider world.

His main business involves the running of an almost unknown pawn shop out of his basement, which he has refinished to look more like a shop. If he knows you well enough, he’ll let you know the complicated passwords and cross-signs used to let someone see his special goods. However, if you can get the first few bars, you generally only have to fake the rest as even he can’t remember how far down the passphrase rabbit hole goes.

Jon Arnsworth

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