Arashi Karras


Great (4): Conviction, Lore
Good (
3): Weapons, Discipline
Fair (2): Athletics, Rapport, Deceit
Average (
1): Investigation, Endurance, Presence, Might, Guns

Channeling (Air): -2
Know the Wind: -1 (Supernatural Sense that allows him to see/feel air currents, temperature, weather information, etc, often so he can harness what’s already occurring to augment his own spells)
Item of Power (Kusanagi – sword): -3 (Without the sword, he isn’t recognized as a member of his father’s court by non-court members. Unfortunately, it won’t ever let him leave without it. More of curse than a blessing)
Marked By Power: -1
Inhuman Speed: -2
Inhuman Strength: -2

Refresh Total: +1

Focus Items:
Silver and Jade Ring: +1 Offensive and Defensive Air Control


High Concept: Son of Susanoo and Ambassador to Winter
Trouble: Under My Father’s Thumb

Background: Arashi grew up primarily in San Francisco in a mid-sized family who knew very little, if any, about the supernatural. While spending most of the year state-side immersed in the mortal school system, his summer’s were entirely different. Every summer from the time he was 5 until 18 he traveled to Japan to spend the summer with his father, in his father’s court. There he was trained to eventually become a valuable member of his father’s household, a representative for Susanoo in the moral world.
Phase Aspect: Raised in Two Worlds

Rising Conflict: By the time Arashi had reached 23, he realized that he was being used. His father saw him, or at least acted as if he was only a tool to be used, to further his father’s standing and power. He grew disillusioned with his role and started to try and distance himself from the court, becoming more involved in the motal world. He even applied to Stanford to start making a life for himself apart from the supernatural. But his father soon found out, and could not let one of his best assets vanish. Instead, Susanoo gave him Kusanagi, a powerful sword, in the hope that the power would keep Arashi’s attention, and sent him as an ambassador to the Winter Court to distract him. And to ensure Arashi’s cooperation, Susanoo brought Arashi’s twin-siblings, now 18 and budding with magical talent, under his “protection” from the Red Court. He had no choice but to accept, for fear that his brother and sister would be harmed.
Aspect: Kusanagi, the Double-Edged Sword

First Adventure: When Queen Mab decides to send Arashi to Tuscon, AZ to work with Lord Marshall, he curses his luck. Why would she send the son of an ocean spirit to the middle of a freaking desert?! But, since it did put him far away from his father’s influence and the fact that he had no choice, he decided to make the best of it. Attempting to get a quick understanding of the city, he decided to spend a day as a mortal; no sword, no Court duties, nothing. Just a day as an unrecognizable no one. Of course, that’s impossible when he finds that his sword constantly reappears at his side, dragging him into a bloody conflict between the two Faerie courts. And vampires.
Guest Starring:…
Phase Aspect: There’s Never A Day Off When You Need One

Guest Star:…
Phase Aspect: I Don’t Follow Anyone But Myself… In Theory

Guest Star Redux:…
Phase Aspect: Trading in Favors Isn’t Just For Faeries

Arashi Karras

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